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TERRA NOVA develops  the best import and export processes for different types of segments, always focusing on agility, processes and time. We look for the best solutions in order to make life easier for our customers. 


We seek to design the best tax strategy for the client for each type of operation, with the use of alternative ports, we design processes always seeking tax reductions.


For each import or export operation, we present several financial possibilities, in order to help with the client's cash flow, aiming for its growth.


We know the paths of international trade like no one else, focusing on sending products to ports or airports with greater operational agility by category.


Nosso Trabalho
Quem Somos

about Us.

Founded in 1994, Terra Nova emerged with the aim of structuring  car import operations in Brazil, following the demand at the time.

Today, we have significantly expanded our operations and offer a complete service platform that manages logistical, financial, fiscal and tax solutions throughout the foreign trade chain, in the most varied segments.

Our operations are customized and integrated through our infrastructure, technological capacity and a network of group companies specialized in each step of the import and export chain, from door to door.

So that our customers do not have to worry about any stage of the process, Terra Nova has complete and customized operational solutions, managed by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Empresas Coligadas: 





TOTVS Comércio Exterior allowed Terra Nova Trading to do more than streamline processes and controls, it unified the company's databases. This is the only solution on the market with native integration between the Foreign Trade software and the Backoffice, ensuring that information is always consolidated in a single place.



We are practically in all markets, always focused on offering the best service

in import (account and order or order) or in export (commodities and finished products).


Nosso principal diferencial é entender a real necessidade do cliente, assim criamos soluções inteligentes

e customizadas para o negócio de comércio internacional dos nossos clientes.

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We take care from the removal of the product abroad, to delivery to our customers' doorsteps here in Brazil.

Planejamento de pagamento flexíveis

cash flow .



We help with financial support and control, so that our clients stay focused on their core business.

Caminhão e armazém

distribution .



Through our partner warehouses (+40,000 m²) our customers count on storing, distributing and delivering their products throughout the country.  




São Paulo Office (Head Office)

Av. Juscelino Kubitscheck, 1400

4th Floor - CEP: 04543-000

São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Tel:  (5511) 3811-3811

Espírito Santo Office (Head Office)

Av. 100 No. - Lot 14/15/16 - Qd. 01.

CEP: 29161--384

Saw - ES 

Santa Catarina Office (Branch)

R. Pedro Ferreira, 155

Room 1304 - CEP: 88301-030

Itajaí - SC

Espírito Santo Office (Head Office)

Av. 100 No. - Lot 14/15/16 - Qd. 01.

CEP: 29161--384

Saw - ES 

In between  contact us.

For any information, questions, comments or complaints, please call: (11) 3811-3811

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